The Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine is focused on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and related topics relevant to clinical and public health practice. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate original research results and support high-level learning related to HIV Medicine. It publishes original research articles, editorials, case reports/case series, reviews of state-of-the-art clinical practice and correspondence. View our Editorial Team.

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Original Research

Targeted mentoring for human immunodeficiency virus programme support in South Africa  
Geoffrey Jobson, Moyahabo Mabitsi, Jean Railton, Cornelis J. Grobbelaar, James A. McIntyre, Helen E. Struthers, Remco P.H. Peters
14 February 2019

Original Research

HIV status and mortality of surgical inpatients in rural Zimbabwe: A retrospective chart review  
Pascal Migaud, Michael Silverman, Paul Thistle
24 January 2019

Original Research

Sexually transmitted infections, the silent partner in HIV-infected women in Zimbabwe  
Sara Lowe, Tinashe Mudzviti, Ardele Mandiriri, Tinei Shamu, Petronella Mudhokwani, Cleophas Chimbetete, Ruedi Luethy, Margaret Pascoe
23 January 2019

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
05 December 2018

Case Report

A case of a drug reaction to sulfasalazine in a patient infected with HIV  
Leanne Swart, Elise Schapkaitz, Anima Baiden
03 December 2018