The National Strategic Plan for 2011 - 2016 is being written as you read this issue of the Journal. Through its members, the Society has contributed a lot to the draft that it is hoped will be out in the next few weeks. The previous Plan was constructed in extremely difficult political circumstances (the then Minister of Health and senior Department of Health officials were still part of the old Mbeki era of HIV denial), and involved long meetings arguing over the most ridiculous points of science. This Plan is a completely different beast – broadly consulted in multiple meetings with every corner of society, with the DoH leading from the front. The writing team is reviewing a huge number of submissions, and integrating the suggestions into a strategic plan.

The plan suggests that there will be more firm targets on everything from monitoring the number of people on ART to human rights abuses to drug stock-outs, and some dramatic ‘game changers’. Keep your eye on this space – we’ll be profiling the Plan through the Society.

The Executive’s term of office is up, as the board has taken over, in terms of the new Companies Act. They have kindly remained as an advisory board, but elections for a new set of directors for the Society will take place in November. I encourage people to consider standing, even though the current Exco is a hard act to follow. Finally, welcome to Landon as the new, energetic editor of the Journal – we can’t wait to see how you build on the LGB legacy.



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