Call for Book Submissions: Submit your book proposals on sustainable energy solutions today


AOSIS Scholarly Books invites established and emerging scholars to submit book proposals focused on UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 9. We're looking for in-depth analysis and practical solutions based on sound research and data. Your proposals will lay the foundation for accomplishing UNESCO's Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030, creating a more sustainable world. Read more . Download our book proposal form at or email us at to submit your proposal. Let's work together towards a brighter future!

Posted: 2023-06-01

Vlog: Watch now: Latest vlog by SAJHIVMED


Make sure to watch the insightful discussion on the ‘Effect of obesity on dolutegravir exposure in Black Southern African adults living with HIV’. Read the full article here: 

Posted: 2023-05-16

Book Release: Understanding how education impacts health and functioning: Interview with co-editor Dawn V. Ernstzen


See co-editor Dawn V. Ernstzen's interview as she discusses her new book ‘Transformation of learning and teaching in rehabilitation sciences: A case study from South Africa’, which focuses on how education can impact health and functioning. Download the book PDF at

Posted: 2023-05-02

Call for Papers: Open for submissions


Submit your latest research towards the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine, a DHET accredited journal published by AOSIS. To find out more, please visit

Posted: 2023-04-11

Event: The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS) conference


Visit and register for the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS) popular biennial conference, returning to Cape Town from 8 to 10 November 2023. The three-day programme, presented by outstanding nationally and internationally renowned speakers, will cover a range of topics from new prevention and treatment approaches to advanced HIV care focusing on both medical comorbidities and opportunistic infections. Register now and take your HIV knowledge to the next level!

Posted: 2023-04-06

Advertisement: CPD for Healthcare Professionals

CPD courses accredited by the HPCSA, HPCNA, and AHPCSA. The HPCSA and HPCNA have accepted the principle of cross recognition of CEUs. Visit AOSIS eCPD to earn your CEU points.  
Posted: 2022-01-28

Press Release: Online Resource & News Portal - Department of Health, Republic of South Africa

Visit for up to date information about the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp: 0600-123456  
Posted: 2022-01-28
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